04 August 2008

The Malarkives

Now that I have a little more than a year as a mom under my belt (where did that time go?) I decided that it’s time to begin spending a little more time on me again, and things that are important to me. I joined a gym, and even go sometimes. I’ve been reading more. I may manage to get a manicure one of these days. And I really, really want to make writing here a habit, and a priority, something I didn’t really do even before Beany was on the scene. But I have a month (well, a little less. Thanks, Randi. I’m not bitter or anything) and a newly rediscovered stash of writing.

For the past several years, I’ve kept a semi-private online diary, and for nostalgic purposes I began reading though it recently. It’s mostly from my pre-husband days, so there’s a lot of angst about dating and shoes. But I didn’t realize till now how much I wrote about teaching, and my kids, and the day-to-day experiences of being a teacher. I've stayed away from here becayse I keep asking myself what does a teacher write about during the summer, anyway? I try to keep up with the education stories in the Times, and other timely things, but that doesn’t always happen and when it does I don't have the energy to actually think about any of it.

Looking back, it’s sort of sad how many things haven’t changed much. But I think (I hope) it may be worthwhile to share some of my previous experiences. Otherwise, this is a purely selfish endeavor, meant to get me back in the saddle, even if there’s more editing than writing at the moment. So check back with me soon...

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Anonymous said...

Summer is supposed to be "me time" for teachers. I will be having "me time" every day cause I am now retired.

You should make every effort to have a mani/pedi at least twice a month. I am not good with gyms, I join but never go. So I do Pilates one-on-one instead.

Try to treat yourself to something nice before school starts. Unfortunately, the next 2 weeks will fly by.