02 June 2006


We're doing poetry at the moment. I know Poetry Month is loooong gone, but my artist unit ran longer than anticipated, and the kids loved it. It's not like poetry will dissolve if it's not taught during the month of April.

Actually, some of my kids wrote some amazing stuff- we did multi-genre writing, with a "fictionalized biography" as the main piece. Then they were assigned two more pieces of their choosing- some did dialogues, they did poetry, they wrote top ten lists. I realized as I was going along that the kids weren't getting the whole idea of "fictionalizing" the biographies, and I ended up with a lot of the standards "Claude Monet was born in ___ on ___. He became a painter after ___." But I wasn't sure how to go about helping them to shift their creativity.

I still consider it mostly successful, because the kids were really into the books. I practically had to pull them out of their hands.

This was going to be about my kids and our current work, and some other stuff. But a Rebot just walked in. That's what I get for being sneaky and blogging at work.

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