14 March 2006

On Spelling

TO: Ms. D****
From: Group 3

Dear Ms. Malarkey,
Our table has decided that the best thing for us is to sign R** D***** out of our group. For the simple fact that in the middle of class he disturbs us, he takes our belongings and shows them to us, laughing. He never does the work and he argues with everyone. And he hits group members.

p.s. At this point we don't have patience to negotiate.

I love that they spelled "patience" and "negotiate" right.

My friend Di taught Virgil last year. He's adorable, the smallest in the class though last week he was the only one to stomp on a waterbug that was the size of a Buick. He can read well but his spelling needs more work than I know what to do with. Di told me about this exchange she had with his mom last year:

Michael's Mom: Did you call my son a "non-speller"?
Di: No, I did not call him a non-speller....I called him Mister Non-Speller.

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Bronwyn G said...

Virgil seems like a really great guy.

They are really brilliant kids. They want to do the right thing, peacefully.