08 March 2006

I was only joking when I said...

I offended Mr. Principal today, or annoyed him anyway. We are having weekly lab sites in our building, conducted by ReBots. One of my colleagues said, “Lab sites? Sounds scientific.” I agreed. “We’re lab rats,” I said, “being taught to run the habitrail.” He was not amused.

I know it was unprofessional and negative, but I am a) a sarcastic ass at heart and b) it’s how I really feel, sort of. Later I apologized, but I told Mr. Principal that I’m ok as long as I can hold on to my sense of humor. When that’s been depleted (and the process has begun) I will begin downing screwdrivers before homeroom.

I won’t do it, of course. I don’t even like screwdrivers. But the thought of it makes me chuckle a little, and I need that.

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Katie said...

“We’re lab rats being taught to run the habitrail.”

I love that! It's not really negative, it's humor! We need more witty teacher humor at school. Instead, we only have hurried, frustrated teacher whining at school. (At which I am a pro.)