09 September 2009

Day 2

I am already exhausted, and achy. I'm not old, not even middle aged, but I feel my age right now. There was a time when I could lug boxes and stretch to hang banners and hop on and off chairs, and while I can still do those things, I feel it the next day. Clearly I am not 25 anymore. If I had time, I'd start going to yoga again.

Choosing not to loop with my former students might be the best decision I've made recently. I passed the classrooms of my old students, and saw one whole class already being reprimanded by the assistant principal, with a few knuckleheads already removed pending parent contact. My new students, on the other hand, were very good and while I know that we're in the honeymoon phase, I get a very different vibe that makes me feel optimistic.

And it's almost Thursday already. Despite my low-level euphoria, I can't wait for the weekend. I am worn.


Anonymous said...

I really do wish you a good year.

When my ability to stand on chairs and tables vanished, I got one of the custodial workers to help me and of course tipped generously. I have always stated that the custodians and aides should be on the top of the list of people to respect. When you help them out, they in turn do favors for you--like those last minute copies you may need.

Anonymous said...

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Schoolgal said...

Hey there!!

Hope your year has improved. Miss your posts. btw, I was your first comment here but forgot to sign my name. Have no idea what that 2nd comment is about.

Hope you and the family had a nice Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your vacation.


Anonymous said...

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trixie said...


Don't know if any of the small group who used to read me are still around, but I have been unable to access this blog. The above is my new blog.

Unknown said...

Ms Malarkey -

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Talmud said...

I have to keep the slight euphoria going. You exhaustion is a symptom of the great work you do, but keeping that hope that each bunch of students will go farther than the last will drive you on.

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