27 August 2009

Updates on Various

In brief, since Project Runway is on in 13 minutes and it's about the only show I watch anymore. (And thanks to Schoolgal for thinking of me again; I wonder if anyone's even reading anymore? I hate that I let this blog get so neglected.)

Summer: I can't believe it's almost over, but it's been wonderful. Mister, Beany and I took several short trips and packed a lot into our time spent locally as well. It's been great to not have any real pressure on us, beyond cleaning/laundry/raising a kid, all which are relatively a breeze.

Beany: She is amazing. I can't believe that she's almost two and a half already. She's not a baby any more, she's a little girl. I am happy and sad about this.

School: I think this past year may have been one of my worst ever. Usually I want to move up with my kids from sixth grade to seventh and eighth. Though I swore after '07-'08 that I would never loop from six to eight again, I thought that staying with the same kids from sixth to seventh might be nice. But not these kids. I was happy to see them go. I never had kids who were so rude, entitled, unwilling to follow rules and policies, mean to each other, unmotivated. And I have always and only worked in the South Bronx so it's not like I left the 'burbs for the city all of a sudden. In almost every other year, most of the kids were nice, put in some effort, were respectful and adhered to expectations. This year (or I guess I should say last year) I found that the diligent, nice, respectful kids were in the minority. In my homeroom, there were maybe ten kids who didn't make me want to rip out my fingernails one by one. I had one really good month and then it went downhill quickly.

Other: I told Mister that I was going to give this one more year. If things don't improve, I don't know what I will do. I think about quitting, though, and fantasizing about working in Borders where I will have a 15 minute commute and the chance to be around books all day. Of course, there's no better time to plan a career change than when the economy's in the shitter.

And that's all for now.


Miss Eyre said...

I was glad to hear from you! You are on my blogroll, so I check for updates from you pretty regularly.

Sorry to hear about your tough class. The class I would be getting in 2010 looks like that. I'm thinking about jumping ship from my school before I have to deal with them.

X said...

i'm still here!!!

Kirsten said...

I'm glad to see a new post from you. I hope that this year is much better.

Anonymous said...


Beany is getting so big!!! She is so beautiful!!

Yes, I have been checking on you and wondering what was going on. You must have been really depressed not to share your lousy year with us. But we are here to pick you up.

I thought you were planning to move to the burbs or find a job out there. It's still not too late. I know many teachers from my school that got jobs in Long Island and are making more than I was at maximum. I even know someone who lives in Manhattan and commutes to teach in Long Island. She started off as a sub and got a long-term assignment.

btw, is it teach "on" or teach "in" Long Island or is "on" only used for "live on"???????


NYC Educator said...

Nice to see you again. Borders sounds good except for the enormous salary cut and probable lack of benefits. A better route to being around books all day would be training to be a librarian. Scheool librarians, in fact, get paid as much as teachers. Regular librarians do better than Border's clerks, and who's to say where the economy will be when you finish library school?

Anonymous said...

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