05 December 2008

Is diagnosing teacher burnout like determining recession?

Two Christmas vacations from now, will I be on a long-awaited, child-free vacation with my husband, drunk on daquiris, and realize that I've been living burnout for most of the last decade?

Supporting Detail One: I've been misspelling simple things. As an English teacher, and an often-maligned city teacher, I'm always very mindful of using language correctly. And I'm a good speller by nature, so when I make these errors I know that I'm in need of serious rest. The test prep books that were chosen (by someone else who doesn't even use them, of course) really suck, so I printed all the old ELA exams for my grade from the state website. I'm using them for practice and assessment, and after I labeled one of the sections I realized that I'd written "ASSMENT" instead of "ASSESSMENT." Though I can't say for sure if I can attribute that error to tiredness or if it reflected my real feelings about testing.

Supporting Detail Two: During seventh period today, the only day and time of the week that I believe in Satan, I found myself wondering, If I fall out the window "accidentally" is that considered an on-the-job injury?

Supporting Detail Three: Now that I've been able to log on to Acuity, I actually find it useful. This is the weakest example of the three, because I still have lots of valid reason to bitch about Acuity.



17 (really 15) more years said...

It's so funny- I've been doing exactly the same thing- I think it's a combination of stress and fatigue.

I knew things were bad when I spelled "December" incorrectly the other day.

12 more days til the break :o)

NYC Educator said...

That doesn't sound like a spelling error--it's just your mind playing tricks on you. Maybe you need more sleep. On the other hand, today I saw a teacher write that his students needed to "summerize" the reading. I was thinking maybe it had something to do with adding anti-freeze.

Schoolgal said...

I remember the day I knew I was burnt out. It was when teaching stopped being teaching and turned into some ugly, Stepford Wife agenda.