09 November 2006

Elaborating on the previous

I usually turn on my televison in the morning for some much-needed 5 a.m. stimulation. Because I'm rushing about in an attempt to get out the door on time, I don't always pay close attention. So on Tuesday, when I heard something about a settlement in the teacher's contract, I thought I was hearing things.

Later, in the car, I heard the full story on 1010 WINS. And I think frustration was my first feeling, stemming from the fact that I think the Mayor is an asshole and he's gotten his way again. The early settlement has nothing to do with goodwill and support for the teachers. It has everything to do with taking away our opportunity to attempt to get back what we've lost.

The Mayor continues to count on us to see dollar signs and nothing else. And based on the reactions of some of my colleagues thus far, it'll work. Again.


Anonymous said...

While this contract will pass with flying colors, I am inclined to believe what the papers are reporting--that there is a deal between Randi and the mayor to back his control of the school system once again. Yet almost every post on Edwize for the past year has been against mayoral control. Funny how that may change.

We will not know the actual raise until after the vote when Randi announces how much more we have to pay for health care.

If by some small miracle Unity is voted out this Spring, then I believe teachers have a chance to once again be respected. The last contract as with parts of this one, gave control to the principals yet our leader was supposed to be representing us.
Go figure?

NYC Educator said...

I agree with both of you. The point about mayoral control is a good one, and it's inconceivable that this deal came about any other way.

It's very sad to see teachers jumping up and down in response to this offer. It doesn't even meet cost of living, and most are blissfully unaware. We haven't seen a good contract in so long many, if not most of us, are shouting, "Oh boy, no givebacks!"

How pathetic we've become.

17 (really 15) more years said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again- some teachers would sell their mothers for a couple of dollars.

I shudder to think what deal Randi made with Bloomberg as far as health care goes- the fact that she's the chairperson of the MLU and will be negotiating for us (with no opportunity for us to vote on health care costs) scares the hell out of me. Will we be forced into HMO's? Large contributions to keep the coverage we have? Who knows, because Unity refuses to address this question directly.

Pissedoffteacher said...

An article in today's Post as Randi proclaiming loud and clear that there is no deal between her and the mayor. I doubt the sincerity of anyone that denies so loudly and so often.

Chaz said...

I agree with all of you!

Anonymous said...

At this point I do not think we are strong enough to demand take backs. This contract buys us some time without major givebacks, but we need to use the time wisely, to organize, to make ourselves stronger, so that we are better going into the next round.

Btw, your link to me, the 7 and the 1 are inverted.

NYC Educator said...

If we want to make ourselves stronger, we must take back the UFT from Unity, and the phony New Action party, as they thrive on patronage and quell democracy. They've had it for 50 years and want more time.

That's absurd. No one should be in power that long.

Miss Malarkey, please email me at nyceducator@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

November 6, 2006
No. 388





Additional Benefits

In order to address specific needs, the UFT generated internal funding to provide the following benefits:

· Effective October 13, 2007, the annual contribution to the welfare fund will be increased by $100 per member;

· Effective May 1, 2008, a lump sum payment to the welfare fund in the amount of $166.67 per member;

· Effective October 21, 2009, an additional $35 rate increase in the City’s contribution to the welfare fund per member;

Anonymous said...

It seems like this PR from the mayor's office is wrong, and from my understanding, teachers do not have to pay for these benefits.
For that I am grateful. However the mayor does imply that "internal funding" would help pay for these raises. What he means by that, I have no idea, but it was an interesting comment to make.

Anonymous said...


I am posting here because I just wanted to say I hope all is well with you. You haven't posted in quite some time, and I am concerned.

Miss you!