24 September 2008

My handbag collection is another parking casualty...

I came to another realization this morning when I was getting out of my car and collecting my daily luggage. I carry a lot of stuff back and forth every day. My tote bag, my purse, my lunch bag. I feel like I should be stronger than I am, lugging around a toddler as much as I do, but I’m puny. And it occurred to me that I am going to have to somehow pare down once I lose my parking pass. The neighborhood I work in is not great. There have been muggings and purse snatchings near the school, and I feel vulnerable walking, weighted down by all my stuff. There are very few non-DOE spots near my school; I’ve been scoping things out every morning. At the moment my ton of daily crap doesn’t worry me because I usually get a decent spot, but if I have to walk a few blocks I need to travel lighter. Most likely I will ditch the purse, which makes me sad because I love to rock a cool handbag, and try to take less work home, which won’t be an issue. I’ll have to arrive at school at 5 am to get parking, so I’ll have plenty of time to do it then.


Schoolgal said...

You are kidding about the 5am arrival?????

It might be worth it to you to find a garage spot for rent close to the school. I had to do it for years because I refused to leave my house at 7 when I only lived 10 minutes away. That was when alternate side was 4x a week.

I heard my school used a lottery system to hand out spots. Other schools did it by seniority.
Either way, it sucks!

MsMalarkey said...

Oh yeah! (re the 5 am arrival) I now arrive about 6:45- I just can't get there any earlier.

There is a lot near my school- they get an absurd amount of money and people have still had their cars broken into.

All the lots nearby are really expensive- if I wasn't shelling out so much for gas, I'd look into it. I would love to carpool, but I don't think anyone in the building lives near me.

AP said...

msmalarkey don't ditch the cool handbag just yet!I'm launching a line of trendy, designer handbags with a built-in lunch bag feature and the bags are roomy enough to carry other items you need on a daily basis. So in case you don't get a close parking space you won't have to worry about being weighted down by multiple bags or feel like a walking target. Go to lunchalamode.com and sign up for more information! Let me know what you think.

Davis Holmgren said...

Yeah, why don't you just use handbags or back packs that are large enough for all your stuff? That's how my wife does it, you know. As a burgeoning designer, she always needs to bring a lot of stuff to her office. But despite the heavy load, she still manages to look high end. So if you don't want to feel weighted down by your stuff, I guess all you have to do is reorganize.