22 June 2006

Sixth Graders Attempt Coup d'Etat

BRONX- A determined group of sixth grade students attemped a peaceful overthrow of their music teacher's class last Wednesday, with the goal of expressing their displeasure with teacher, Mr. X and his teaching tactics.

Chants of "Down with music!! No more Mr. X!!" could be heard through the halls of Middle School XYZ, prompting a visit from a school counselor who was passing by the scene.

The school counselor reported two boys tussling in the corner, with the majority of the remaining students carrying signs that had messages like, "Teach Us Already!" and "We Want to Learn Music!!" while circling the room. "They were very organized," Ms. Counselor said. She contacted Mr. Principal, involved with another crisis, who requested that Ms. Counselor take the signs and help restore order, which she did.

"We hardly ever get to play our instruments," one student complained. "It does not seem like he knows what he's doing. And there are three other people using my mouthpiece. That's just gross," said the rebellion organizer, who shall remain nameless due to her age and the fact that she is still worried about being grounded.

Ms. Assistant Principal admitted to inadvertantly contributing to the rebellion effort. "They came to me for construction paper. I asked them if they wanted small or large sheets. They wanted the biggest pieces I had. I didn't ask them what they were doing; I assumed that they were working on Miss Malarkey's poetry project. I gave them markers too."

Miss Malarkey, homeroom teacher of the rebelling students, said, "I don't know if they chose the right time or place, but I was pleased with the fact that they attempted to do something constructive with their frustration. They have complained to me on more than one occasion and I advised them to involve their parents. Some parents have raised concerns but I think Mr. Principal's hands are tied." She added, "I wonder if the UFT could learn anything from the efforts of these students."

Mr. Principal and Mr. X. declined comment. However, Mr. Principal replied "no" when asked if the rebelling students would face disciplinary action, including the loss of the much-anticipated year-end pizza party.


NYC Educator said...

Sharing mouthpieces is gross indeed, and unacceptable from any non-brain-dead parent's point of view. I've been made to teach music, as have many teachers with wholes in their programs.

Who knows whether or not the music teacher even knows how to play?

Great story.

NYC Educator said...

Wholes? Holes.

What was I thinking?

Tim Fredrick's ELA Teaching Blog said...

Nice post. You gotta love that they did this. Seems to me like something is really working right with those kids.